Monday, September 23, 2013

An Enriching Experience Visiting Philadelphia’s Fireman’s Hall Museum

There is nothing more fascinating than learning more about how people who dedicate their life to saving lives at the Fireman’s Hall Museum in the heart of Philadelphia. Strategically located in the center of Old City district, the museum’s building in itself is an astounding sight to behold. It is also one of Philadelphia’s most endearing premier fire museums, therefore, when you are here in Philadelphia for a charter bus vacation, gathering, meeting, getaway, weekend holiday or tour, be sure to include this charming museum into your list must-see places.
You will get to educate yourself about some of the country’s most heroic and historical moments that had occurred throughout the timeline of the museum’s exhibits. They will tell you an in depth story about the past and present of fire fighting not just in the form of exhibits but the museum organizes regular programs and award ceremonies which celebrates some of life’s finer life-saving moments.
Fireman’s Hall Museum is owned by the city of Philadelphia and run by a group supported by the Philadelphia Fire Department Historical Corporation.
The main focus for this Philadelphia charter bus tourist attraction is to preserve important items and artifacts related to firefighting to educate the public about what goes on behind the scene. There is really more than meets the eye and the depth goes beyond merely the bright uniforms and loud fire engines. It may sometimes not occur to people but firefighting remains to be a very dedicated, inspiring and awfully motivating vocation in the world. During the visit, one will also get the chance to learn the important task of preventing fire....something you will really appreciate once your Philadelphia charter bus trip is over.
Entrance to the museum is absolutely free of charge so, there is no worry about exorbitant admission fees. The firemen who run the museum are actual, active firemen who continues to be on duty whenever there is crisis so, feel free to ask them questions that you have always been dying to know about real-life firefighting.
Benjamin Franklin, as we all know it, is the father of firefighting so, there is a small dedication to him and is work but ultimately, this museum features (very well) and is a dedication to Philadelphia Fire Department. As it is free to enter the museum and explore the exhibits, donations towards the upkeep and maintenance of this tourist attraction is strongly encouraged. It takes money and effort to upkeep the place and if you DO leave a small contribution, it will be of much help.
We hope you will make some time to visit soon and we look forward to serving you with our Philadelphia charter bus rental services soon.