Monday, November 11, 2013

Great Place, Great Game, Unforgettable Food - Citizen’s Bank Park

You don’t have to be a fan of baseball or outdoors in order to enjoy bringing your kids and family members to Citizen’s Bank Park for a game. In fact, when you bring them over to the park to catch the game, there are many other historically-significant landmarks located within a stone’s throw away from the park. Citizen’s Bank Park is also fondly referred to as ‘The Bank’.
You will soon see what we mean when we say that all seats at the park are good seats. It has been designed to ensure that everyone gets to see a piece of the action down below on the field. When you come for one of the games, right there, from your seats, there is a great view of Philadelphia skyline which is awesome whether it is a day game or a night one.
There is real history right here and we are talking about the likes of Olde Street, Liberty Bell and Independence Hall...stuff that you should let your kids see and learn about at least once in their lifetimes. There is no better way to get them to learn, first hand, about these historical sites, than during your bus company Philadelphia charter bus trip.
Of course, we must get a word in that the park’s got great food to go along with the exciting games and fab drinks! You can’t get any better than Chickie’s and Pete’s famous crab fries. Whether the Phillies are winning or losing their game, there is electric in the air and you can’t help being swept up by the enthusiastic crowd.
‘I fell in love with Camden Yards in Baltimore, honestly speaking and thought nothing about Citizen’s Bank Park. Camden Yards was for me because they have got a bigger selection of food and the crowd is crazy too but I caught one of Phillies’ games recently and I must say, despite the want of choices in terms of food is concerned, I love everything about games at The Banks,’ gushes Linda, who would not hesitate to come back to The Bank for another fantastic time.
Although there isn’t a bad seat at the park, we reckon that the seats on the outfield are much better choices simply because fans can get over-excited and rowdy. If you have kids with you, getting an outfield seat could be your best bet.
And of course, if you are coming in with a group of friends, try giving us a call for a quick quote on our bus company Philadelphia charter bus rental services and packages. We are sure that with our extensive network, we have the perfect one just for you.