Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arden Theatre Company, Philadelphia

The Arden Theatre Company that is located on 40 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia is a location where most rented Philadelphia bus drivers would easily find; produces great plays for the enjoyment of kids and adults alike. Some of their greatly produced shows are Frog and Toad, Alice in Wonderland (with a circus twist to it!) amongst others. So, if you are interested in watching quality performances, the Arden Theatre is a place that you should check out – bring your friends, bring your family, bring your neighbors and have a wonderful evening sitting through one of their magnificent shows!

For those who have been to many of such performances, it is not a wonder if they have a certain standard or expectation from each and every other theatres that they would visit or go to. With the Arden Theatre Company, you can be sure that they produce one of the top, if not the best performances in town. Not only that, they also offer acting classes and workshops for kids in their top of the class facilities. If your own kids are interested in such classes or workshops and you also have a group of friends whose kids are into such theatrical acting, why not sign all of them up for the acting classes and workshops offered by the Arden Theatre Company? Sending them for the classes will not pose to be a problem when you engage the service of a Philadelphia bus rental company.

Another plus point about the Arden Theatre Company is that they also tie up with local dining establishments for discounts for their guests. With such discounts, guests arriving in the rented Philadelphia buses would not have trouble finding a good spot to dine before show time. You can always choose to eat before or after the show that you are supposed to be watching. Even if you may get a little hungry during the show, there is nothing to worry, as during the intermission of the shows, they have a concession stand that is filled with all sorts of baked food and such, not just the usual kind of food that you would usually find in other theaters such candy bars, sodas and bottled waters.

If you have a whole day to spare before your show time, you may even want to think about going there early and explore the nearby neighborhood – the Elfreth’s Alley and Christ’s Church are nearby and are said to be worth a trip to visit, and since you have the Philadelphia rented bus driver to take you around, it wouldn’t be such as a bad idea after all.

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